Why kids need competitions

Last week our U7, U9, U11 ‘All stars’ teams had a friendly match against local teams. They are warming up for the upcoming youth tournament, which will be held on the Xiamen Island by the Local Football Association during the months of August and September. Our players conducted a great performance and had lots of fun. XMIFC coaches are making a further step toward the development of our future football stars.

But let’s see Why our kids need to compete?

Football is a competitive team sport. Without facing a challenge, improvement will not be possible even with the best training grounds and coaches. A team and its players need challenge up to their level to keep improving. Through matches and competitions kids learn how to challenge themself and correct their training’s attitude. At the same time it motivates players to improve and learn faster.

In XMIFC Youth Academy we acknowledge this aspect! This is why we organize and promote regular internal and external competitions, as well as inviting teams from other cities of China to compete in friendly games. These friendly games are not only important for improvement of our players, they help to make bonds and friendships with other teams and academies. In the end football is one of the best-known ways to bring people together. We try to make our young players realize it and get into this mind-set. 

In XMIFC Youth Academy we teach that it doesn’t matter if during a football match there are two different opponent teams, football is still a sport and in any sport there should be respect for the opponent players, for the referee, coaches and all the people who are part of it. There is no winners, no losers, yet only athletes who are enjoying the beauty of this sport and be healthy in their body and mind. 


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