XMIFC held its traditional Christmas Party with style last weekend at Swiss Grand  Xiamen with the attendance of their Men`s Women`s and Youth teams. There were many performances and surprises throughout the night,  let`s remember the wonderful party.

For the opening of our Christmas Party Santa was there personally to give gifts and take photos with XMIFC members. He was glad to have seen all of our members here in Xiamen and join our party personally.

 Later we have started the table warm up with DJ Sercan with the tunes he himself handpicked. We are 100% sure that all our party attendees know how to do the Macarena now.

After the warm up we were ready some for fun and games as our members competed to fill up their Christmas Sock as fast as possible to win as many candies as possible, there were also some lucky draws for our Youth Academy members to win surprises from their favorite coaches.

   During the party XMIFC also revealed their new addition to their already talented coaching team; Coach Bear and the comic series narrating his adventures. Coach Bear also personally attended the party saying hi to the all academy members.

    After the mascot reveal everyone got to their meals and the traditional XMIFC Christmas party event Tombola. Presented by our youth academy director Alessio Di Tommaso many of our members won surprise presents from XMIFC.

After the tombola all our members were invited to the stage to collect their Christmas gifts from XMIFC, everyone got a picture together and they were ready to have some fun. Our Men`s team captain Pablo prepared a choreography for everyone to dance. Our little ones seem to enjoy it the most.

And the closure to the night was made by Coach Oz and Juan and their band. They finished the concert with high spirits and wished everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thanks everyone for attending to our Christmas Party. We wish all our members A Happy New Year and good fortune in this new decade.


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