XMIFC vs Dongyuhang



XMIFC started the game on the backfoot as Dongyuhang found the back of the goal due to a mistake from XMIFC No.1 Oz. Right away situation got more dire as Dongyuhang strike again to get a 0-2 lead.

Later at 29th minute Dongyuhang got a penalty for a tackle from behind in the box and they were up 0-3

After getting 3-0 down XMIFC finally start to push forward more and got a penalty due to a handball but they were unable to score. Few minutes later Alessio found the back of the net from a cross, at half time the score was 1-3.

Second half Dongyuhang started with a defensive mentality while XMIFC pushed forward even more to get back in the game, they have got one back with Fabian in 54th minute.

This goal gave XMIFC tremendous amount of momentum going in the last third of the game as Dongyuhang struggled to go out of their own half. After missing several chances XMIFC finally equalized with Checho’s goal 3-3.

After this goal Dongyuhang started to come more forward and taking risks, XMIFC also believing now that they can win the game pushed forward. Both teams created many chances but it was Dongyuhang who scored in a last minute goal; 3-4.

After this heartbreaking loss IFC’s winning streak has come to an end, but due to an earlier result XMIFC still sits 3rd on the table with 9 points.



1- Dongyuhang P5 Pt 15
2- Guanshi P5 Pt 12
3- XMIFC P5 Pt 9
4- Chengyi P5 Pt 8
5- Zhenhao P5 Pt 5
6- Shehe P5 Pt 3
7- Chonglang P4 Pt 1
8- Jinlong P4 Pt 0

Photos: Wayne Lee


Date Time League Season
September 22, 2019 2:00 pm Xiamen Super League 2019



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