XMIFC vs Chonglang





Last weekend XMIFC faced Chonglang in Xiamen City Super League, on paper it looked like an easy match up for XMIFC side. XMIFC was looking to start a new win streak, meanwhile Chonglang after beating Jinlong the weekend before wanted a back to back win. Missing several key players such as league`s top scorer Alessio, centre-back David and their goalkeeper suddenly XMIFC`s task looked harder.

Teams started the game very cautious, Chonglang was trying to sneak behind XMIFC defensive lines with long balls while XMIFC tried to push forward as a team. During first half both sides struggled to create chances. The only chance of XMIFC came from Tomo as he made a strong header from a corner sailing just an inch over the bar. The half ended 0-0.

Second half packed more action as XMIFC created several chances but were unable to score, being thin in numbers late in half XMIFC started to lose the game tempo. In 55th minute things got even more dire as Chonglang got a penalty. Vico, originally a right back, was standing in for Oz for this game. He made an heroic save to keep XMIFC in the game, after re-gaining their morale XMIFC tried to push forward again but this time XMIFC`s No.10 Yasha suffered a thigh injury, unable to continue the game.

Ran out of substitutes XMIFC was now left with 10 men in the last 20 minutes of the game.
Despite the difficulties XMIFC hang on to the clean sheet but were unable to score. Final score; 0-0.


Date Time League Season
October 6, 2019 2:06 pm Xiamen Super League 2019



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