Chinese New Year is arriving and now is that time to decide what activities we should choose for the upcoming year.

It is very well known that football improves your kids active thinking abilities, as well as their bodies and social skills. It is a very good choice if you want your kid to benefit from developing these important abilities in future life.

Of course, there are multiple football schools in town you might consider to sign up for, but what criteria do you consider when you make your choice?

First one that comes to mind is the curriculum and program that the academy follows.

You should consider what kind of program your kid’s future club offers;

Football just looks like some people running after a ball mindlessly and kicking it around until it eventually goes in goal and makes everyone happy, but it is a very sofisticated sport with many approches to kids mental and physical development, chosing correct approach in early ages is very important as it will be hard to change your kids mental habits later on in life.

So make sure that the Football club you choose has a clear training plan oriented to the correct development of your little one in order to improve his physical, mental and social skills.

For this aim XMIFC developed its own unique training concept based on the most professional and successful football system adopted by all the main Professional European Youth Clubs.

Next in line, of course, is the coaching team of the academy. Whom will take care of your son. In recent years all the local youth academies include foreign instructor in their coaches team due to the advanced knowledge and culture that the European football has developed for centuries.

But we must be careful on this point because foreigner coach doesn’t mean qualified coach! Nowadays many youth academies hire unqualified coaches or amateur players to coach little kids just because it will make their academy look more prestigious and attractive for in first look but a qualified coach is as important as a good training program. An unqualified coach might lead to wrong playing habits or even behavioral habits. A youth coach should know the specialities of a kids mind as well as the football itself.

We recommend always to verify the certifications of the coaches before signing up for any football program.

XMIFC offers only UEFA/CONCAF/CFA qualified coaches with a rich expertise in football for more than 10 years. Your child will be in safe and secure hands with us.

Please check the link below to get more informations about our coaches.

The last 2 factors to consider are location and price.

Regarding the first one we are trying to offer our services in different locations inside and outside the island, all of them are very easy to reach thanks to the conveniency of the transportation means and in particular the vicinity to the subway stations.

And when it comes to price what makes XMIFC different from others is without doubt the attention and accuracy for details and effort put in each training session. The number or attendees per class is limited to 12 players in order to guarantee the highest quality possible, in addition for each session we arrange 2 coaches who will take care of your kids in any single aspect of the training.

This arrangement makes our trainings unique in the football environment here in Xiamen and the benefits are proved by the quick improvements and positive results that our players have achieved during the last years.

Please have a look at the price list and programmes below. We invite you to consider our special bird price before the promotion expires.

Please notice that the spots are limited and once the classes are full it will not be possible sign up for the time and location you prefer.

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