XMIFC have organized an internal U5 tournament last Saturday morning at Datang Center`s Football grounds. 50 of our members joined the event. We had 6 teams with 6 coaches in a round robin tournament. Our experienced coaches made sure everyone had fun and nobody was left out of the action.

Despite a rainy night, the conditions cleared up for football in the morning and everyone was ready to get in the action by the kick off times. The little ones were thrilled by the challange and excited to experience such event.

We were delighted to see that all kids enjoyed the event and left wanting more football. At this age level our aim is to make kids love the game and get familiar with it as much as possible and events like this help a lot. Coaches were delighted to see the passion and enthusiasm of the little players of U5. Our little players understand the spirit of the game and learn that the most important thing on the field is to have fun whether you win or lose.

We thank all the parents and players who participated in the event and we hope to see more U5 players from our academy to participate in the next event.

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