Guanshi FC: 0


15′ Pablo πŸŽ―
49′, 64′ Alessio πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘
56′ Petar πŸ’ͺ

XMIFC faced Guanshi FC in Xiamen City Super League last Saturday at 15.30. Guanshi is one of the stronger sides in XCSL. XMIFC faced Guanshi twice before in XCSL, both in season openers, losing in both occasions. (3-1, 3-2)

The two sides were only separated by three points before this game so it was expected to be a tough game for both sides but coming into the game Guanshi was still seen as favorites.
Coming into the game XMIFC created a half – chance with Alessio and Sercan but could not convert, the first clear cut chance of the game came from Guanshi as they pushed forward from their left wing, it was a one on one situation with a narrow angle, Oz was equal to it and the score remained 0-0.

In 15th minute Alessio put Pablo through on goal, and Pablo scored with a beautiful chip over the keeper giving XMIFC the lead. It was Pablo`s 3rd goal in XCSL.

After this moment XMIFC dominated the game, Guanshi didn`t see much off the ball and when they did XMIFC quickly recovered the ball back. There were few more chances for IFC but they were unable the convert, the scoreline remained 1-0 for the remainder of the half.

XMIFC again started the second half strong as Alessio took on two players and bent the ball over the goalkeeper to stretch the lead; 2-0. Now Guanshi had to take risks pushing forward, but they were immediately punished by Petar. He curled one in from the edge of the box, to bring the scoreline to 3-0.

After this goal XMIFC started to play more defensive, kept the possession of the ball and controlled the game. They still managed the create chances with Alessio, he ran behind the Guanshi backline, in on goal, not able to keep up Guanshi`s no.4 pulled on Alex`s jersey getting him his second yellow and a red card, leaving his team with 10 men.
Right after this Alessio was in on goal again, he went around the keeper and grabbed his 2nd and XMIFC`s 4th goal. This was his 10th goal in XCSL.

After the first goal XMIFC kept controlling the game, Guanshi`s only chance of the half came from a long distance shot but Oz was equal to it. XMIFC defeated Guanshi and got back in to the title race after a dominant performance.

Photos courtesy of: Wayne Lee

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  1. Oguzcan Nallidere
    Oguzcan Nallidere

    Congratulations guys, let`s get the next one.


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