New Autumn Season 2019: Enroll to XMIFC’s Youth-Academy!


1. Regular Trainings

The new semester program includes 18 weekends and it will be running every week from Tuesday to Sunday. Kids can choose the time schedule they prefer. The program starts on September 1st 2019 and will end on January 12th 2020.
Players are separated in an organized age categorization to maximize our players’ correct development and focus on improving each kid. Each class will be led by two professional certified foreign coaches for a maximum of 12 students.

2. All-Stars Trainings

The more efforts you put in, the more skillful you become!
If you know the football basics, you will hopefully be selected by the coach to join our All-Star program. This All-Star program team brings together the elites of the XMIFC. By joining the All-Star program, you will be registered as a player by the club and become one of the first official members of XMIFC. We will be caring and supportive to make sure you explore your maximum potential. Meanwhile, to further improve, the All-Star team members will also have the opportunity to participate in local or overseas competitions.

3. Goalkeeper Trainings

Goalkeeper is a very important and essential position in modern football! After a successful first semester with many positive feedbacks from our subscribers, we will keep providing this special class when the next semester starts due to high demand. If you love goalkeeping, this is a program you cannot miss!

4. Private Elite Trainings

Elite always comes from professional trainings. Private customized trainings can help you improve your football level effectively. Targeted training can prepare you for the next level!
Private customized trainings can be 1on1 or 1on2, kids can designate their favorite professional foreign coaches for private teaching, opportunities are limited, hurry up and sign up


Our 2019 Autunm Semester Pricing and training schedule are shown below.

1. Group Discount

If you missed our Early Bird Price by 7/31, no worries! Sign up together with your friends, classmates or brothers will save you up to RMB 1500 for your favorite football classes. When 3 or more students sign up together (must have at least one new student), the group discount rate will be applied, please see the 2019 Autumn Semester Pricing as referenceThis is an offer you cannot find anywhere but at XMIFC!

2. Year Card Discount

In order to be ready for our seasonal plan and competitions, more and more members started to consider our special price for Year Card!
The Year Card will allow your kid to join all the training offered during the year from 9/1/2019-8/31/2020 for more than once a week, including summer and winter camps’ trainings. That means your kid will have the chance to join more than 86 training sessions (only starts at RMB 93.00 for 1 class) and he/she will maximize football potential by getting involded with us!


Our new venue at the DaTang Olympic Center includes 2 of the best football fields in Xiamen, followed strictly by the high standard of modern sports complex and meets the needs for multi sports porposes. In addition our new facility offers to our members a comfortable resting area for parents where you can enjoy your coffetime, fresh beverages and free wifi.

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