XMIFC @ Andaman’s 7s Tournament – Thailand

XMIFC Men & Women went to Phuket, Thailand from Nov 10th to Nov 13th to participate in the notorious Andaman’s 7s Tournament.

Men Team Games

The Men team was very impressive and won all their games on Saturday and Sunday against many international teams. XMIFC Men therefore went to finals and drew. Finally, XMIFC Men team became 2d due to penalty loss. Everyone knows XMIFC deserved the win seeing the % of ball possession throughout the final as well as the opportunities but penalties are rarely fair or showing skills- it’s plain luck.

Women Team Games

This was the first international tournament for XMIFC Women’s and the level of play of the 6 other women teams was quite high. XMIFC lost all their games but truly played as a team which was absolutely beautiful to see – the future for the women team seems bright if they keep going at it like this!

XMIFC, One Family

26 players from XMIFC went to Phuket – XMIFC was divided in two groups who left from Xiamen Airport all the way to Phuket together. One group travelled the whole day with a layover and a cool pitch-stop in Bangkok. XMIFC teams met on Friday evening in the hotel and all went for dinner around the hotel. Early sleep before tomorrow’s first games.

Both Saturday Nov 11th and Sunday Nov 12th were days entirely spent on the field playing and the Teams met in the evening for some swimming pool, beach, dinner and to enjoy Phuket nightlife together. Being 26 players in one Tuktuk screaming 1,2,3 IFC will be unforgettable to us as well as to the local habitants!

Thank you to all the players and supporters, we wouldn’t be one XMIFC family without you!

1,2,3.. IFC!

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