XMIFC Christmas Dinner

The XMIFC teams with friends, family and guests reunited last Friday for their 2016 Christmas dinner at the Arabic restaurant Sham.

The cosy atmosphere was already felt as one walked up the stairs and arrived on the second floor of Sham that XMIFC could privately occupy for the dinner. The evening started off with everyone helping themselves to the cold beer – curtusy of our Head Coach thank you ! – and after everyone got seated Captain Brett took the stage and introduced the X-mas gifts from Santa Benoist, XMIFC sport bagpacks with the new Logo. After some proud and encouraging words from the women’s team captain towards her team and Brett’s catwalk with the new bag, every player as well as some important friends and guests received their own. Thank you to our XMIFC Santa Claus !

The feast could then officially start ; The starters were three different kinds of Humus along with pita bread and cold salads. The main dish was an enormous plate of various meats with sauces, french fries, vegetables and more bread. Pictures are following !

We ended up leaving the restaurant a little past closing time, and as some went back home to rest after such a copious meal, others took the night elsewhere.

Thank you to our organisers, our great coaches, our players, and everyone who makes XMIFC the family that it is today.

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