BBQ – Start of the New Season 2016/2017

XMIFC BBQ BEACH PARTY – Saturday October 22


We were happy to reunite the men and the women of our team for another great BBQ event by the beach last Saturday!
Thank you all for coming, and thank you to the coaches for organising.

After what we thought would be a rainy day, Saturday turned out to be really sunny and warm for a relaxed get together at Haiyuntai. The afternoon started off slowly with everyone preparing the barbecue and some of the players dipping in the sea to cool off.

All the different salads, fruits, breads, humus, veggies as well as the meat and the side dishes prepared by our experienced Latinos were very tasty and we luckily had enough food to go into the evening, where beers and bottles of different kinds of alcohols were more than abundant – Impossible to forget Stefy & Sebastians special columbian shots!

There was some beach football played in the evening but mostly it was just a nice reunion with old and new players catching up with a full stomach, nice music and always a cold drink in their hands.

Thank you everyone and let’s look forward to a great upcoming Season together !

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