Gulangyu Cup 2016


It was a hot yet thankfully a cloudy day on Saturday on the natural grass field of the Gulangyu People’s Stadium. Spectators enjoyed exciting games, nice music, good food and juices, sexy and energetic performances by WOX cheerleaders as well as stunning performances and much more.

This year, 18 football teams with over 200 players from diverse nationalities as well as two women teams competed in the seven-a-side football tournament. Participants were from cities across China including Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Kunming, Quanzhou, Fuzhou, Qingdao and Xiamen.
Mr. Gao Shuilai, Party Secretary of the Gulangyu Community, announced the start of the tournament at 9:30 a.m., followed by speeches by Mr. Zheng Yong, Director of the Gulangyu Street Office, and Ms. Guo Yinfang, Deputy Chief of the Siming Culture and Sports Publication Bureau.


Eighteen teams then began the games, playing with spirit and passion to battle through the preliminary round under the humid morning weather.
The matches continued all the way through lunch, they were all very intense. Competition was fierce, and after the quarterfinals XMIFC – Green, Xiamen Warriors, XMIFC – Red and XMN Bobo FC advanced to the semifinals. In the semifinals, Xiamen BOBO FC lost against Xiamen Warriors, and XMIFC Green pushed out XMIFC – Red.
In the meantime, the XMIFC Women Team played twice against the Shanghai Mint Women Team. It was the first time for the XMIFC ladies to play against another women team and even though the competition was really tough the XMIFC ladies didn’t lose hope and kept fighting until the very last whistle blew their defeat ; the team spirit was great.
The final match between XMIFC – Green and Xiamen Warriors drew intense cheers from spectators and participants. Not a single player managed to get a ball through the net during the entire game, which lead to some extra time and the first goal scored by either team would mark the end of the Cup. Finally, an incredible shot from the mid field lead to a goal, scored by XMIFC Green, the famous Yasha. XMIFC Green therefore won 1-0, leading their team to be the ultimate winners of this 2016 Gulangyu Cup.

One remarquable accomplishment goes out to GK Oz from Turkey in the XMIFC Green as well as the very attentive Defense line, as nobdoy in the whole tournament managed to score against them ! Not to mention that this year has been the most successful for XMIFC as a whole, as Team Red made it to 3d place and XMIFC is Champion of Gulangy Cup for the second time !

Well played to all Teams and see you next year !

Final Rankings

1. XMIFC – Green
2. Xiamen Warriors
3. XMIFC – Red
4. XMN Bobo FC
5. Yinghua FC
6. Quanzhou Spartacus FC
7. Qingdao United FC
8. Beijing Barbarians FC
9. Hangzhou Sinobal FC
10. Murrays FC
11. Suzhou Araban Knights FC
12. Lions FC
13. Kunming FC
14. HK Krauts FC
15. Shanghai Red’ D
16. Shanghai FCU

Here are the line ups for our two XMIFC Teams who competed:


Brett (C)


Ben Hunter

Thank you all XMIFC guys as well as Danilo, without whom XMIFC would not have been possible !
You players were the best on the field and it was a well deserved win !!
Looking forward to our next tournaments together…

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