Sanya Trip 2016

The Sanya Trip was a lot of fun. Football, warm weather, playful atmosphere, friends, beach, comfortable beds and a lot of really, really tasty food and beers!

Match Report

XMIFC started with Magic, Bader, Brett, Philip, Andre, Sander, Vlad, Sebastian,Yasha, Elan, Sercan.
Subs: Ben Hunter, Abdullah

It was not easy to find the way to the football field on Saturday morning. When XMIFC arrived to the field, the opponent teams were already warming up and getting ready for the game. XMIFC played against two local teams. The game time was 2 hours in total, divided into four.

In the first half XMIFC had some good chances but no one succeeded to score. The opponent team had very few attacks yet they used their chance very well and made the scoreboard unequal with the first half finishing 1-0 for opponent team.

The second half of the game, XMIFC dominated the field. Finally waking up with some successful contra attacks, Sebastian then 4 minutes later Sercan scored.

In the third half XMIFC missed many chances, they were really unlucky.
At the end, Philip shot from out of the box and sent the ball to the corner and the goalie could only watch the movement of the ball.
In the last half XMIFC got really tired and players started to get muscle injuries, the team was almost lacking a player. In one of the attacks they stopped Vlady with a foul inside the box.
Vlady used the penalty and made it be a goal for XMIFC. Score was 4-1 for XMIFC.

The organization was decent and the referees did a very good job.
Overall, everyone enjoyed the game.

What happens in Sanya stays in Sanya but still, here are some quotes you wanted to share…

I just want to say Thanks a lot..muchas gracias!. to all of you XMIFC to makes sanya a very nice place.. because sanya is not like xiamen… Was so nice to know more about each one. i hope Sebastian invite me next time… or i hope turco and danilo invite XMI women’s team for the next ones.

Best part of the trip for me was chilling on the beach, swimming, playing improvised foot-volleybal and laughing (mostly at myself) for forgetting the rules of that card game we played. Thanks to Bader for the funniest moment of the trip when he messed up his sentence during that game. Thanks to everyone for all the laughs and good football! Special thanks to Danilo, Apple and Troy for making it all happen! And a special sorry to Philip for locking him out of the room till 6 in the morning.

Me me! I’d like to thank all my teammates and the organizers, it was so much fun we had in the weekend! Even we didn’t discover Sanya that much, but when u have a good company it doesn’t matter even when we stay the whole day in the hotel we will have a loot of fun. Thanks for Danilo and WOX for that!
Dolphin bar+Brazilian football+5star dinner and very good chat+playstation and beer was so good!!! I’d say the quote that i like the most from the trip! “Sanya it’s not like Xiamen”

Thanks to everyone especially to: Cuban salmon from Bader, Daria and Brett beautiful dancing performance, always on time Vlady, Turkish humour, Stefy’s “me and you too”, Thank to Sebastian for bringing Stafy, Andre and Elan destroying food mode, best defender game from Yasha, dancing football from Abdullah, Ben adopted Magic, thanks to Philipp and Sander for good footballing, Magic touch with nature, thank to Apple that now we know Sanya it’s not a Xiamen, Support from Troy and special thank to DANILO for make it happen!!!

@Brett Graham quote of the weekends “Even there was no expectable sunshine football atmosphere together with a team spirit reach a the highest peak. Unforgettable feelings and emotions in combination with dozens laugh make this trip 100% successful.” And some extra quotes which was brought by several people “If u wanna lost in Sanya – take a taxi” / “Sorry for late – too drunk” and “Share a friend”

Thanks to everyone who made last three days possible. Biggest thanks to Danilo and Apple, all my guardian angels and adopted Dads.

XMIFC @Troy LEE please pass on to Apple a big thank you from the team for all her great work over the weekend. We all had a great time.

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